Educational Portal

To support the SPA project goal of standardising professional qualifications for sports physical therapists around the world, an educational portal able to deliver standardised online courses has been developed.

Visit the Portal

The educational portal is based on a feature-rich Learning Management System (LMS) with an XHTML 1.0 Strict WCAG Priority 3 compliant interface – called EifFE-L – entirely developed by University of Genoa. EifFE-L has been published as open source in the SourceForge repository, under a GNU-GPL License.

The EifFE-L Portal is a multilingual e-learning environment that adheres to the ADL-SCORM standard. It has an accessible interface in compliance with the guidelines set by the W3C – World Wide Web Consortium, and the provisions of Italian Law No 4 of January 9th, 2004 “Provisions to ease the access of disabled people to information-technology tools (Stanca Law)”, as well as the Decree of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology dated July 8th, 2005 “The technical requirements and the different levels in order to access information-technology tools”, published in the Official Gazette No 183 of August 8th, 2005.

The main characteristics of the SPA educational portal are portability, accessibility, an open source, multi-language front-end, and conformance to e-learning standards. With this technology the partners may offer to a broader audience their professional competencies and the products of SPA project.


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